The first guide to Kabul in more than 30 years: First as a pamphlet published in 2002 and then as new mini guide to the city in 2003. Kabul has seen remarkable changes over the years. The city captivates residents and visitors alike and holds a special place in all their hearts.


Published as a small pamphlet, the A5, 16 pages, booklet version was available in Kabul from September 2002. 3,000 copies were given to the street kids to sell and they kept all the money they made from sales for themselves. The full online version of The Survival Guide to Kabul published in 2002 is available from this website to download.

The Book 

In June 2003 Bradt Travel Guides published the 40,000 words pocket Kabul – The Bradt Mini Guide, the successor to the Autumn 2002 pamphlet The Survival Guide to Kabul. 6,000 copies of the new guide were printed and 3,000 were brought into Kabul for sale. In October 2003 a further 1,000 copies of the book were reprinted with some amendments. Several pirated copies (the height of flattery in Central Asia!) have also been printed.


in Loving memory of

Jude Barrand, Wais Faizi and Paul Vickers

Photo (left to right)

Dan Alexe, Jude Barrand, Wais Faizi, Dominic Medley and Paul Vickers.